In the 1980s, Nam Kee Noodles began as a small family business at a food trolley, in the industrial area of Wang Chuk Hang. But the trolley quickly grew so popular that crowds of customers lined up along the sidewalk just to buy a bowl of noodles. Nam Kee Noodles soon opened its first shop in Aberdeen, near a local fish market known for fresh fish balls, and the fast food chain as we know today was born. Signature products include “Springroll” - fried fish paste wrapped in soy bean curd, “Spicy pork collar”, “home-made chilli paste” and a range of signature soup base.


All noodles are ‘made to order’ for full flavour of your selected ingredients. Each bowl of sour & spicy, spicy numb and tomato soup carries its own unique toppings and flavour depending on your choice of ingredients. Best pairing options are “Spicy pork collar with sour & spicy soup” in rice noodle because the spicy pork gives an extra kick to the spicy soup. “Fatty beef in tomato soup” is best with for a beef flavored broth gives a natural sweetness and its best when combined with tangy tomato. Nam Kee’s traditional “Yuan yang noodle” – fish balls, beef balls and springrolls in flat noodles, was its first signature noodle bowl and it’s still popular to this date because of its consistent quality and care.